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Validation and development consultancy

Your newly created brand is innovative and sustainable.
We will help you analyse and enter the European market which believes in the values of sustainability, as well as on how to position and develop your strategy in line with your product identity.

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Consulenza di validazione e sviluppo

Your newly born brand is innovative and sustainable, and you are very proud of it!

Whether in the pre-seed or growth phase, a brand must conduct a thorough market analysis, which is crucial for its success. It is advisable for this analysis to be external to the team to avoid being overly biased.

Being in love with and enthusiastic about our own idea often blinds us to potential limitations that may hinder its development.

We offer our extensive knowledge of the sustainable fashion market to provide you with:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Positioning
  • Pricing
  • Product analysis (materials, sustainable manufacturing processes, ethical supply chain)
  • Circular business model analysis

This will help you validate your business idea and focus on the elements that need development.

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