For linear brands

Consultancy on the potential for change

Discover the potential for change within your brand before embarking on the journey towards sustainability. Look into the future to choose the right tools.

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Consulenza sulla potenzialità di cambiamento

Your brand has always been linear (design, production, waste), but now it’s time for a change. No matter what prompted you to seek change (new European regulations, market demand, personal ethical choice), we are here to show you the way.

We always start with brand assessment and defining the brand identity, which has been the reason for your presence in the market until now (that’s a strength!). We analyze all the components that make up your brand:

  • product (materials, manufacturing, printing, supply chain, packaging)
  • business model (analysis and implementation of circular business models)
  • online communication strategy (website/e-commerce – social media) and offline (events, trade shows, etc.)
  • distribution (physical and online)
  • traceability: Certification assessment of the supply chain and selection of tools for supply chain transparency.

In the consultancy for potential change, we will offer our vision on the most suitable paths to achieve a brand’s objective with a reduced environmental and social impact. This will be done through a gradual change implemented over a minimum of three seasons.

If our proposal for change excites you, we are here to guide you through its implementation.

If, on the other hand, you believe that the time has not yet come to transition your brand towards circularity, you will still have gained a greater ability to view the market from another perspective, the one that bring you more near to sustainability.

In your vision, the change has already begun!

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