For sustainable brands

Empowerment consultancy

Are you already in the sustainable fashion market? Do you want to strengthen your presence by expanding untapped potential? After an initial analysis phase, we will help you develop your product, better reach your target audience, and increase your visibility.

The sustainable fashion market is constantly evolving. It presents great opportunities but also sudden changes. The very concept of sustainability is continuously evolving.

A brand that has positioned itself in the sustainable fashion market may encounter several obstacles to overcome:

  • a limited product offering competitors entering our market segment with an innovative proposition that may compromise your positioning
  • a communication strategy no longer suitable for the new European regulatory profile or not sufficiently aligned with the brand identity
  • a sales environment in need of updating and development.

In the empowerment consultancy, as a first step, we define our current state through brand assessment: this is the true starting point to rebuild from the brand identity and identify strengths and weaknesses.

The empowerment strategy will then work on the less structured areas, also defining a priority of intervention.

The objective of our strategic vision is to build a system consistent with the brand’s mission. All its various parts will be involved in both the analysis and strategic phases:

  • product (materials, manufacturing, printing, supply chain, packaging)
  • business model (analysis and implementation of circular business models)
  • online communication strategy (website/e-commerce – social media) and offline (events, trade shows, etc.)
  • distribution (online marketplace analysis, identification of physical distribution, pop-up stores)

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