1. Cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are information that a server can send to your computer, smartphone, or tablet when you visit a website or social network.

The same server that sent them can then read and record cookies to obtain various types of information.

What types are they, and what are they used for?

Cookies can be:

  • Technical: they are used to make browsing faster and are used, for example, to save the contents of an online store’s shopping cart, to store a site’s language choice, or to simplify home banking payment transactions;
  • Profiling cookies are utilized to monitor users’ activities during their online browsing sessions. They gather data about their shopping habits and preferences to analyze their interests. This analysis helps advertisers personalize the ads that they send to users based on their individual tastes, preferences, and lifestyles. For instance, if you have ever searched for information about a travel destination and then received promotional offers on Facebook regarding that same location, then you have encountered a profiling cookie.
  • Third-party: there may be cookies on a web page from other sites, which are contained in other elements (such as the Facebook share button or a YouTube video embedded in a web page). So the cookies you download can be read by other parties and used for profiling.

We use technical and third-party cookies on this site, and no profiling cookies. 

2. Monitoring site navigation data

We use Google Analytics to understand how many people browse my site and how they do so.

Google Analytics is a service that Google provides for free. The setup on this website ensures that your IP address remains anonymous. All the data that is gathered is stored on Google’s servers, which may be shared with third parties. However, the information shared will be anonymous and collected aggregated. You can refer to Google Analytics’ privacy and data use policy for more details. To remain invisible, you can download an add-on for Google Analytics.

3. Social Networks

At the end of each post, I use buttons that allow you to share on Facebook or Twitter what you have just read. These buttons contain cookies, which is why they are called third-party cookies. The third party, in my case, is Instagram, and I am trying to figure out what they will do with the information the button has transmitted to them. They might use that information to do retargeting, and that’s why you might see advertising a piece of content you just searched for or shared.

4. Use of forms

This site has a form on the Contact page, which is used to write to me and ask for advice and quotes. If you write to me, I use your data (email address) to respond to you: nothing could be simpler. This data remains saved in my mail management software (Mail) and website server (siteground.com). I own this data, which I do not transfer or sell to anyone.

5. Blocking cookies

If you do not want your data to be recorded, you can choose to block cookies from your browser. Below you will find how to do so:

You can write to me if anything about using your data needs to be clarified: info@fashionable-green.com.