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Our goal is to bring change to the fashion market. 80% of the product’s impact comes from the design phase. We provide workshops and specific lessons on tools of change: eco-design and circularity. Let’s bring the circular future to design schools!

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Good design is sustainable design
— Imran Amed,
Founder and Ceo of BoF

The mission to make fashion more sustainable has the second objective of bringing the concept of eco-design to fashion schools. The European directive for eco-compatible production highlights that 80% of the impact of the product on the planet is defined in the design phase.

This means that the future of the planet is linked to our ability to evolve the design concept towards forms that include the holistic vision of the impact of the product we are designing.

More and more companies in the future will look for young designers capable of creating low-impact fashion products. This is why it is urgent to educate young fashion designers to have a complete understanding of the subject.

Good design is eco-design (small course)

Eco-design is a vision that includes many aspects in the design phase. In this mini-course the main topics for sustainable design are touched upon:

  • low impact textile raw materials
  • light knowledge about certification about sustainability
  • light knowledge of the impact of the chemical part (dyes and finishes)
  • designing circularity: disassembly and repairability
  • eco-design and biomimicry: how to take inspiration from Nature in the design phase

Followed by other introductory workshops on the concept of eco-design already available (duration two hours):

  • Sustainable glossary: ​​the words of sustainability
  • The impact of the fashion industry on the planet: pollution, consumption of non-renewable resources and waste colonialism
  • Low impact textile fibers: organic, regenerative agriculture and gentle fibers

Each workshop can be customized according to the needs of the design school by going more deeply into the topics rather than others.
Specific mini-courses or workshops can also be built on the basis of the request, also on other topics related to sustainability in the textile sector.

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