About Alessandra Gallo

I believe in change and I want to be a part of it!

We can change the fashion market making it circular and more and more respectful for the Planet.

If you’ve reached Fashionable Green it’s because you also want to be a change maker.

I am Alessandra Gallo, a sustainable fashion consultant. I am here to help you implement the change you desire or to make more visible what you have created with your brand.

I founded Fashionable Green with the goal of assisting small and medium-sized brands in building a sustainability strategy before they reach the size required to hire an in-house team.

Alessandra Gallo

My mission

How to implement change? By acting in multiple directions:

  • On production, making it less impactful.
  • On consumer awareness, spreading accurate information.
  • On the creation process, involving fashion academies and design schools in the new vision: eco-design.

My Story

The passion for fashion. Master’s in Product Management from the Marangoni Institute in Milan. Several years at an Italian fast fashion company as a product manager. First experience as a consultant for accessory sample outsourcing in 2000 founding Alice Studio. I take a break and think about my family. In 2007, I open The Shopping Stylist, a personal shopper agency. Ethical and Environmental Reflection.

But is it ethical for fashion to constantly push for consumption? What lies behind all this consumed merchandise? What will we leave at future generation? Pollution, exploitation of animals and people to meet induced needs. I don’t want to be part of this, but I want to help build a different story.

Combining constant market research, exploration of new and old materials, certifications, and production techniques with my understanding of product structure, Fashionable Green Consultancy Studio was born.

What I Believe In

I believe in change as a natural part of life.
I believe in resilience during times of difficulty.
I believe in goal-oriented work and in building individual daily steps to reach the set destination.
I believe in building competence because knowledge fascinates me and delving deeper is necessary for me.
I embrace complexity because it’s rich, but I can distill it into specific actions.
I believe that we can become more sustainable for this Planet, and the fashion industry must urgently change to reduce its impact.

Beyond daily actions as a citizen, I can do more. I can leverage the skills I’ve built over 20 years as a product manager in the fashion sector to contribute to this change.

Why am I passionate about strategy? Because it’s about direction, coherence, and perseverance, and these are qualities that the market always rewards.

Why am I building a team?

Walking together takes us far.

Collaborating with other professionals possessing complementary skills enables us to provide a comprehensive product service, capable of structuring a transformative path towards sustainability while maintaining coherence and continuity.

We believe that the new European regulations can nourish and strengthen change, and that diligent and constant study of the sustainable fashion market is the best guide to constructing a robust strategy.

If you want to arrive first, run alone,
if you want to go far, walk together

— African proverb

Why this is a female team?

I believe that being a woman is an advantage, built upon all the challenges we face and overcome each day. I also believe that sustainability is a complex vision based on the concept of caring for our Planet, and a woman can understand that the concept behind CARE very well.

Product and communication: this is our focus

Product and packaging, website and social media—the fundamental structure of a brand, all oriented towards sustainability. We don’t want to replace a communication agency. We don’t want to replace a communication agency.

But it is important to us that the word “sustainability” is treated with care and respect. For us, it’s a fundamental value that must be communicated starting from fabric certifications, extending to packaging choices, and reaching the website and social media communication. We will propose the best way to communicate your efforts towards sustainability.

Coherency: it’s a word we like

That’s why we’re also collaborating with a transition coach. The process of change, to be effective and lasting, needs to be systemically internalized throughout the entire company, involving the leadership and potentially all levels of the organization.


Serenella Panaro - Transition Coach

Serenella Panaro

Transition Coach

Business & Career Transition Coach ICF, Trainer and Personal Branding Advisor. She has been carrying out coaching activities for over 14 years, and for 20 years she was Career Advisor for the University of Trento. Member of ICF – International Coaching Federation and ICF-Italia. Today she collaborates with Companies, Luxury Brands, B-Corps, Research Centers, and individuals, accompanying them through transition and change phases.

Laura Lonighi -Brand & UX/UI Designer

Laura Lonighi

Brand & UX/UI Designer

Brand & UX/UI Designer, she has been helping brands to create their social identity online for more than 10 years. She is mainly specialized in building and revamping ecommerce websites, improving the online reputation of brands, and guaranteeing full access to digital information to everyone.
If you are looking to give your brand a more sustainable approach to the digital economy, UX Design services can make it happen.

Serenella Panaro - Transition Coach

Ester Milano

Packaging Consultant

Ester Milano specialized in innovative packaging materials and solutions.
Master’s degree in Business and Marketing from University of Torino. Founder of 2 sustainable startups Ester is focused on International business, supply chain and marketing helping from corporates to smaller brands to design a packaging strategy aligned with the company’s values and advocating for the lowest impact.

Laura Lonighi -Brand & UX/UI Designer

Francesca Maltempi

Social Media Strategist

Passionate about Digital marketing, sustainability and innovation.
Graduated in Management Engineering from Sapienza University of Rome with a thesis in Marketing on the development of a sustainable model for Fast Moving Consumer Goods.
She joined Fashionable Green to support small businesses in building a coherent and integrated digital communication strategy on sustainability.