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Every company can become the center of a new vision for change and work internally to spread new sustainability practices. We build CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)paths based on the requirements and company mission.

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Other services for your company

Other services for businesses: CSR

The increasingly intensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity has led various companies, not specifically related to the textile production, to request specially tailored projects from us to interpret their corporate values in the field of CSR. This is done to build greater awareness within the company regarding its environmental and social sustainability goals.

Some examples:

  • “We are the Change” workshop (1.5-hour) : A presentation with around forty slides explaining the social and environmental impact of the clothing industry, how we as consumers can reduce it, and what it means to purchase low-impact products. The same workshop can be provided on Food and Beauty by other professionals we collaborate with.
  • Corporate gifts from ethical productions: Choosing to contribute to positive social impact by having gadgets and corporate gifts produced by ethical workshops.
  • Corporate experiences: Upcycling workshops, guided visits to textile recycling facilities, and meetings with ethical laboratories.

Help the company embrace the change: corporate coaching

In collaboration with Serenella Panaro,  Business & Leadership Coach, we offer a Business Transition service to companies that turn to us for transitioning towards sustainability.

Especially for linear companies that choose to start their sustainable journey the new values embraced must permeate every part of its structure to become a consistent direction.

Daimler Truck Financial Services Italia Workshop

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