Product strategies to make small sustainable fashion brands big!

We stand alongside those who want to change fashion by combining product and communication into a coherent strategy for a new vision of a circular and regenerative market.

Joint the change!

Our vision is to create change and awareness in the production and use of fashion products to reduce the impact on the planet and human life.

That’s why Fashionable Green’s mission is to provide strategic product consultancy beginning with the strengthening of small brands and start ups.

A Tailor made strategy based on the brand’s identity uniting, both the product and communication in one cohesive direction aligning with values of sustainability and social responsibility.

The numbers that matter to us!


of the environmental impact of products is determined during the design phase.


eco-design circular business models


of European companies are micro-enterprises with fewer than 10 employees.


strategic tools for small businesses


of the fibers used are of fossil origin, responsible for 35% of microplastics.


use of organic or low-impact textile fibers

Sources: European Parliament resolution of 1st June 2023 on the EU strategy for sustainable and circular textile products (2022/2171(INI)) and New Circular Economy Action Plan EU 2022.

The vision that matters to us is circular

From a linear economy, where products quickly become waste, we are transitioning to a recycling economy, where thanks to the 3Rs (repair, recycle, reuse), the garment extends its lifespan. We would like to provide brands with the opportunity to experience the superpower of eco-design and start building a real circular economy.

Consulenza di potenziamento

For sustainable brands

Empowerment consultancy

Are you already in the sustainable fashion market? Do you want to strengthen your presence by expanding untapped potential? After an initial analysis phase, we will help you develop your product, better reach your target audience, and increase your visibility.

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FOR startups

Validation and development consultancy

Your newly created brand is innovative and sustainable.
We will help you analyse and enter the European market which believes in the values of sustainability, as well as on how to position and develop your strategy in line with your product identity.

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Consulenza di potenziamento
Consulenza sulla potenzialità di cambiamento

For linear brands

Consultancy on the potential for change

Discover the potential for change within your brand before embarking on the journey towards sustainability. Look into the future to choose the right tools.

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For linear brands

Transformative consultancy and mentorship

Do you want to make your brand less impactful and enter the European market that believes in sustainability values?
We will chart the right transformative strategy for you and accompany you throughout the implementation process.

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Consulenza trasformativa e mentorship
Consulenza su aree specifiche

For all fashion brands

Services for extra UE companies

Do you want to dive into a specific sustainability topic? We can assist you with choosing sustainable fabrics, less impactful packaging, and understanding new regulations. Share your needs with us, and we will provide you with the information you require.

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Other services for your company

Every company can become the center of a new vision for change and work internally to spread new sustainability practices. We build CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)paths based on the requirements and company mission.

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Eco design is the solution!

Let’s bring the circular future to design schools!

Our goal is to bring change to the fashion market. 80% of the product’s impact comes from the design phase. We provide workshops and specific lessons on tools of change: eco-design and circularity.

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