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Transformative consultancy and mentorship

Do you want to make your brand less impactful and enter the European market that believes in sustainability values?
We will chart the right transformative strategy for you and accompany you throughout the implementation process.

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Do you believe that sustainability is not just a passing trend and want to be part of it? Do you want to ensure a future for your brand in the new sustainable vision?

We are here to guide your linear brand on the path to circularity. We will start with your brand’s identity, building a strategy to reduce its impact and devising a circular vision that aligns with your brand.

We will start with your brand’s identity, building a strategy to reduce its impact and creating a circular vision that aligns with your brand.

The first phase is the brand assessment, where we will analyze where your product currently stands in terms of sustainability values.

We will then analyze each of its components:

  • product (materials, manufacturing, printing, supply chain, packaging)
  • business model (implementation of circular business models)
  • online communication strategy (website/e-commerce – social media) and offline (events, trade fairs, etc.)
  • distribution (analysis of online marketplaces, identification of physical distribution, pop-up stores)
  • traceability: Certification assessment of the supply chain and selection of tools for supply chain transparency.

The transformative strategy will be built starting from the brand identity and the assessment work. For each individual aspect of the brand, a new trajectory towards sustainability will be created, along with a timing and priority of intervention.

Let’s take inspiration from Nature: the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly requires slowness to complete the process. We recommend a minimum of three seasons to implement the strategy.

What do we mean by mentorship?

We will be by the brand’s side throughout the implementation period of the strategy, remaining true to its key principles as we progress through the change.

We will proceed in alignment with the structured timing of the transformative strategy, defining checkpoints in conjunction with the turning points of change.

Essentially, we will be the brand’s sherpa, with the goal of guiding it towards the objective defined in the strategy!

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